Territory: All of Alberta

Founded in 1982 by Gian Pietro Beghelli, the Beghelli Group is an emergency lighting, photovoltaic systems and electronic domestic, industrial and urban safety and security systems.

Clarté Lighting

Territory: All of Alberta

Sustainable Architectural Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions – MADE IN THE USA.

Converging Systems

Territory: All of Alberta

We are a technology company with over 30 years in the color imaging and processing world. We design and manufacture all of our technology products in California.


Territory: All of Alberta

High-end customizable architectural luminaries with sleek appearances that fit modern spaces.

dmf Lighting

Territory: All of Alberta

DMF designs and builds LED downlighting that sets the bar for flexibility, performance, and quality. 


Territory: All of Alberta

Long known for its fine electronic ballasts, Fulham has emerged as a global supplier of new technologies including LED drivers, modules & retrofit kits, LED and fluorescent emergency lighting solutions, exit and emergency lighting, and control systems.

H.E. Williams

Territory: All of Alberta

Williams offers complete lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. As a family-owned business, located in Carthage, Missouri, our mission is to produce quality lighting products that meet and exceed industry expectations. We focus on developing new products, enhancing our existing product lines and customizing product for special requests.

Sylvania - LEDVANCE Luminaires

Territory: All of Alberta

Straightforward, efficient and easy-to-install products with proven quality and performance, perfectly matched to your everyday requirements.  LED luminaires and retrofit kits are the ideal solution to fit your needs for everyday applications. The luminaires have all the necessary features and functions  offering precisely what they have been developed for – no more and no less.

Lights Up

Territory: All of Alberta

Lights Up has been designing and producing stylish and functional bespoke lighting in industrial Brooklyn, NY since 1987. Our functional and ambient lighting is designed by founder Rachel Simon and nephew Tom Simon, with a focus on quality of light and quality of life.

Lotus LED Lights

Territory: All of Alberta

Lotus LED Lights is a company with Canadian and USA subsidiaries specialized in LED Lighting since 2008. We specialize in Slim Recessed LED Lighting fixtures. Our factory is in Shenzhen, China. Design and development of products is done in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Territory: All of Alberta


Lutron is a technology-centered and people-driven company. As a private corporation guided by our founder’s simple but profound Five Principles, Lutron has a long history of significant growth and smart innovations. Lutron Fixture Solutions provide high performance LED fixtures with smooth dimming and superior aesthetics. The fixtures complete Lutron lighting controls allowing you to tailor lighting functions for any task in any area. Each controllable fixture from Lutron can save up to 50% or more energy compared to conventional switched lighting.


Territory: All of Alberta

For over a decade, Luxxbox has been championing authentic design, with their signature aesthetic of colorful, unconventional materials and high-quality industrial finishes. 

Matrix Mirrors

Territory: All of Alberta

Matrix Mirrors specializes in lighted mirrors. Through our partners and representatives, we offer a wide range of models that utilize LED and OLED lighting technology. We developed our mirrors to fit almost any space, whether it’s residential, hospitality, or commercial.

Meomi Lighting

Territory: All of Alberta

Meomi Lighting started its journey with two engineers at a garage with passon for lighting! They provide high quality lighting products for a wide range of applications for varying customer needs. Their offerings cater to abstract, uncommon and varied lighting design concepts. Their core offerings include Commercial & Industrial Lighting, Decorative Lighting (LED & Incandescent applications), and Decorative Ceiling Fans.







Territory: All of Alberta

Natech develops and manufactures sustainable, energy efficient, LED-based lighting products at its headquarters in Laval, Quebec. Founded in 1998, Natech has earned a reputation for providing high quality, innovative LED lighting solutions for commercial, institutional, industrial, and architectural applications as well as for film, special effects and stage projects.


Territory: All of Alberta

On Light is a high efficiency LED lighting product manufacturer. The quality and sustainability of the products was proven and acclaimed by renowned companies in the retail industry, the institutional, the industrial sector and more. Our products meet the highest standards and offer innovative and proprietary technologies.


Territory: All of Alberta

An American lighting design and fabrication company. We handcraft each fixture to order allowing our customer to modify and customize our stock products to fit their own eye for design...just say please! We are a team of idea formers and problem solvers. Our philosophy has never flickered: we create unique, high quality designs, using the most advanced lamping technologies to stand the test of time.

U Technology

Territory: All of Alberta

Proud Canadian, Alberta based company. When it comes to LED lighting, one size does not fit all. U Technology's custom manufacturing enables clients to adapt products to what they need - to make their vision become reality. They create products that take all aspects of the project into account - from design to maintenance. The team at U Technology take the time to evaluate the project and explain different options based on the requirements and budget.

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